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don’t lose patience

When following God takes you on an unusual path

When studying Exodus chapter 5 I was reading how God told Moses to speak to pharaoh about letting his people go. His response was not what Moses expected. Not only he said no but he called the Hebrews very lazy and did not provide straw for them to make bricks. They had to get there own straw and still meet the quota. Word got out that the reason for all of this was because of what Moses said to pharaoh. The people was very upset (understatement) with Moses. Moses went to God and asked Him why did you bring harm to these people? Why did you send me? Sometimes when you know you’re in God’s will things can look eerie but have faith in God.

In my experience; I was called to preach a sermon at my church. Before then I would speak 2 to 5 mins here and there and my voice would be quivering and I would keep my hands in my pocket so people won’t see them shake. I asked God a similar question why do you have me speaking in front of these people? What I’d learned about God is that His plan is bigger than my fear of what the situation looks like. When that day came for me to preach it was the most I’d ever felt relaxed. Words came out smoothly, I didn’t stumble and I wasn’t shaking. I was blessed and I knew it was from God. I say that to say this. It might look like whatever you’re doing is in vain or a mistake but you have to believe that God plans are bigger than what you can see.

God bless

Be diligent in your patience

​”Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 NASB

Be diligent in your patience with God. Whatever you are asking for or whatever you need He knows. He also knows the perfect time to give you what you need. Don’t lose faith in the silence of your prayers but when you ask, ask expectantly. When you seek, seek with a purpose. When you knock, knock with confidence. 
God bless 

John 13:7

In context he was going to wash his feet then Jesus answered him, “What I’m doing you don’t understand now, but afterward you will know.” In the moment of our suffering or in our waiting for answers; we may not know what God is doing behind the scenes but believe that He is preparing you to grow in a deeper relationship with Him. For all the ones who are waiting on a answer or just going through it I encourage you not to lose patience but rejoice in the fact that He is sovereign. Commit your way to the Lord ; trust in Him, and He will act
Psalms 37:5 HCSB

God bless

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