Those who have kids would know what I mean. Even though I don’t have kids; the little time spend with them I’m ready to give them back. Especially during the time their born till kindergarten. They spit up on you, they pee and boo boo at the wrong time. They cry when they’re hungry, sleepy, lonely, and sometimes just because. 
           When they get older they speak there first words and walk their first steps and it’s a wonderful thing to witness. Then they get to good at it and the endless questions begin like: ” if there’s nothing faster than light then how did darkness get there first”. Or maybe your kid loves to hear themselves talk non stop. You can’t put them on the floor because they’ll just eat anything. When you take it out of there hands they’ll look at you as if you stole their last meal. 

          Sad thing is that they will not remember those days when you didn’t sleep, or you forgot the diaper bag and you had to make something out of nothing. But you didn’t do it for a thank you. You did it because your love for them made it worthwhile.

    In the same way that’s how God loves us!

God bless